Publishing your pretties


So now you have finished your new base, and it's time to present it to the world!


This may seem like a silly step, but it's actually very important. The name is what people will remember your base by. I mean, when I say "Cora" or "Mistress", you probably know whose bases I'm talking about right away!

So, your base needs a name... and not something stupid like "Girlbase3" or "Misc". You'll want a nice, original name that will make your base stand out.

Here are some sites that may help you coming up with a good name:


Squid.org - Name Gen

Fantasy Name Generator

Also, don't allow yourself to think that your base is "not good enough" to deserve a name... ever. If you show a disinterest in your own work, other people will be less interested too. Take pride in what you do!

Just keep a positive attitude about your work... and you will actually improve faster!

Showing off:

The next step is to get your work out there.

Put it on your site! Boast about it on your news page! If you haven't already, signing up for a few nice dolling forums will help to promote your work a lot.

Keep showing your base:

If you keep making new dolls on your base, everytime you post them people will see your base again. And, if you're making lots of awesome dolls on it, people may pick up your enthusiasm and start dolling on it as well!

Now, this concludes my basemaking tutorial. Have fun making bases!