The history of Wayuki's Place

Wayuki's Place logo

Growing up playing games in the 80's and 90's, I always had a fascination for pixel art. I had dabbled in it from about age 12.

One day in early 2003, I was contacted by a pixel doller named TeesDollz. She requested permission to use a set of custom smilies I had created. Up until that point, I had not heard of pixel dolls. When I checked out TeezDollz website, I was enamored by the cute pixel esthetic, and was hooked instantly.

I started creating my own pixel dolls and bases. It wasn't long before I had so many, I decided to make a website for them.

I launched the first version of Wayuki's Place on October 16, 2003, at the height of the pixel doll craze.

Since then, I have become a professional artist, and I don't always have time to make pixel dolls. However, it's a fond hobby I like to return to from time to time.