October 10, 2021:

I've been going through my old doll library and revamping them where I can, so I can put them back online. I added three new redolls this time around! I also updated the links section with every active dolling website I could find. If yours is not on there, let me know!


September 25, 2021:

I added another set of newly revamped dolls. I also put out a new base set inspired by the Shuni dolls from the Avatar Palace.


September 19, 2021:

Wait, what year is this?! Time sure flies. I created a new sprite doll animation, although it's actually a revamp of an old one. I also did some house-keeping on the link page, lots of dead links unfortunately. The dolling community has gotten very small these days, but thankfully the pixel art community is still alive and kicking.

If you'd like to keep up to date with my other (non-doll related) artwork, check out my ArtStation page.


Newest pixel art:

Alex revamp Blaze revamp Taryn revamp Piper and Marcos revamp Demonette revamp