April 22, 2024:

I expanded my Masters of the Universe series with a new Evil-Lyn pixel doll, once more using my Microhero template.


March 9, 2024:

It's been a hot minute, but added a new pixel doll using my Microhero template!


February 26, 2023:

I added a new pixel doll using my Microhero template.


September 25, 2022:

I added two new pixel dolls on my Svelte doll base, completing the series. Enjoy!


July 16, 2022:

I finally completed a doll with the last pose of my Taundale doll base. Now the series is complete!


June 6, 2022:

I created two more pixel dolls on my Taundale doll base. Hope you like them!


March 27, 2022:

I reorganized my gallery to have separate sections for pixel scenes and fan art. Many new dolls were added; some completely new and some redolls. I also created a new doll base set for you to enjoy!


January 30, 2022:

I created the second pixel doll on my new Taundale doll base. Enjoy!


January 15, 2022:

I released the skin palettes for my Microhero templates!


January 11, 2022:

I put out a new superhero pixel doll base, which was heavily inspired by the Microhero community. If you like this style of base, be sure to join the community as well!


Newest pixel art:

Evil-Lyn Microhero Teela Microhero Skeletor Microhero